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Currently we work on a migration to Django-CMS.
So, the most parts of this page is invalid ;)
More information:

We created a new simple Weblog plugin as a PyLucid plugin.

Every registered user witch has the permission to create a new blog entry can write new blog articles. Anonymous users can leave a comment.

↑ installation  #

Simply create a new blog PluginPage with: PyLucid admin menu -> create content -> new plugin page

↑ create a new blog article  #

Simply fill out the form under: PyLucid admin menu -> create content -> new blog entry

↑ retweet  #

If you want to add a simple twitter retweet link, overwrite the template blog/includes/blog_entry.html and add this:

<p class="button_links">
<a href="{{ entry.headline }} http://{{ current_site.domain }}{{ entry.get_absolute_url }}" title="Twitter a link to this blog entry" target="_blank">retweet</a>

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