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Currently we work on a migration to Django-CMS.
So, the most parts of this page is invalid ;)
More information:

You doesn't need to download the archive package, if you install PyLucid v0.9 via shell account.
Please read install instruction first.

PyLucid is free software under the terms of the GNU General Public License, see the License information page.

↑ install/update help  #

If you have problems with the installation or updating your existing installation, please give us feedback in our forum.

↑ get the source  #

Sourcecode hosted here:

(The old SVN server exist here: )

If you use the sourcecode version, please look sometimes at Backwards-incompatible changes for update instructions!

PyLucid used the current django SVN trunk. Sometimes we are more or less behind the django Backwards-incompatible changes.

↑ git  #

Clone the git repository:

git clone

↑ SVN  #

Checkout the git repository via SVN:

svn checkout

↑ download packages  #

Package archives are available here:

↑ Bugtracker  #

Use trac for bug tracking:

Or github:

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