v0.11.0 changes: new dynamic site support

PyLucid supports the new "Dynamic Sites" Feature from the django-tools project.

With "Dynamic Sites" you can serve multiple sites with only one page instance. The SITE_ID would be set dynamic by the current Domain Name. You can also specify domain name alias as a simple string or as a regular expression.

More info: https://github.com/jedie/django-tools/blob/master/django_tools/dynamic_site/README.creole

update instruction

You must Update django-tool and then run syncdb:

Use ./upgrade_pylucid_env.sh for upgrade packages in these order:

  1. first upgrade PyLucid (updates the requirements information)
  2. restart upgrade_pylucid_env.sh and then upgrade django-tools

After this, create the new site aliases table:

/var/www/YourSite$ ./manage.py syncdb

Otherwise you will get the error like DatabaseError: (1146, "Table 'dynamic_site_sitealias' doesn't exist")

If you would like to use the "Dynamic Sites" Feature, add this to your local_settings.py:

# activate django-tools DynamicSiteMiddleware:

EDIT: Related commit is: commit 270036095