Switch the PyLucid base to a other CMS?

Time is money... PyLucid CMS need more man power, more time and there is only a small contribution in the past. So everything always takes forever. Currently the django 1.6 migration...

That's why I ask me to change the base system of PyLucid with a other django based CMS? But if so, then what project?

At least the list at https://www.djangopackages.com/grids/g/cms/ looks a little long.

As a limiting criterion: The CMS should have content versioning. Would be fine if django-reversion would be used (So i can use my https://github.com/jedie/django-reversion-compare )

Seems that django-reversion used only this (big enough and under active development):

django-cms https://github.com/divio/django-cms
Feincms https://github.com/feincms/feincms

django-page-cms should also be able to versioning. But it's unclear how this is done. see: https://github.com/batiste/django-page-cms/issues/94

Discuss in our forum, here: http://www.pylucid.org/de/forum/topic/366/ (en)