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21.04.2005 v0.0.1 9680c26119 first Version, only CGI script ListOfNewSides for lucidCMS (PHP based)
03.07.2005 v0.2.0 a275c6dac1 independent Rendering engine written in Python CGI
17.08.2005 - - Registered PyLucid on SourceForge
05.2006 v0.7.0 - WSGI conform using colubrid and replace simpleTAL with jinja template engine
10.2006 ? - include Pygments a new highlighter system
02.2007 v0.8 - rewrite, using the full-powered django web framework
09.2007 v0.8.0.beta 626cc139f8 used the first v0.8 Beta Version who used django
13.02.2008 v0.8.0 5686a9d7a6 The first stable "django release" v0.8.0
24.03.2009 v0.9 bbd26c7333 start rewrite
15.11.2009 v0.8.7 f03a3060e9 Last v0.8.x bugfixes
10.2010 v0.9 - PyLucid v0.9 lands
29.12.2011 v0.10.0 fd9f5beb5e Start v0.10.0
04.06.2012 v1.0.0 eac8cc191 Release django 1.4 support as v1.0 ;)
02.10.2014 v2 5534d7c start django-cms branch
26.07.2016 v2.1b0 switch from v1 to v2 branch

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