Small bugfix version, because of the django security vulnerability from October 9, 2009.



  • 03.03.2009 - new preview function in the blog plugin with changeset 1837
  • 20.02.2009 - new markup converter in the page_admin plugin, since Changeset 1831
  • 17.02.2009 - New tag navigation plugin with: Changeset 1826.
  • 11.02.2009 - Overwrite style/template settings since Changeset 1821. Good for test new style/templates


  • 02.03.2009 - Blog comment function for anonymous users fixed with Changeset 1835






small enhancements:

v0.8.0 - (Milestone done February 14, 2008)

info (en)

The new v0.8.0 version is the django branch.
PyLucid would be 'completly' rewrite. We change the fundament and using the full-powered django web framework .
See also our roadmap

You can easy update a old v0.7.2 installation!

info (de)

Der neue v0.8.0 Version ist der django Entwicklungszweig.
PyLucid wird fast komplett neu geschrieben. Wir ersetzten das Grundsystem und nutzten nun das Web-Framework django .

Siehe auch, die roadmap

Du kannst eine bestehenden v0.7.2 Installation einfach updaten!

v0.8 changes (en)

Note: The list is not complete.


  • Executably only in the URL root
    • All pages left begin with /!
    • mod_rewrite necessarily.

new features

  • permalink
  • TinyMCE Editor
  • filemanager plugin

Template Engine

  • The is only the django Engine available. It's similar to the great jinja engine. In the _install Area you can easy update some syntax differences automatically.


  • There is some new attributes on the PAGE object:
    • PAGE.get_absolute_uri
    • PAGE.get_permalink