We need you!

The PyLucid Team always needs more developers, because we have many open improvement ;)

Fork the PyLucid git repository on GitHub and send pull requests.

If you use PyLucid and don't know Python or django, no problem! We need you, too!

  • Python developers can check out the code and submit patches,
  • People can write more Documentation (english, german or other language)
  • XHTML writers and Javascript/CSS developers can improve the templates.
  • Usability engineers can help to make the user interface even more intuitive.
  • Testers can install the software, tell us about it or file bugs.

Interested? Please, contact us!

write own plugins

I know our Documentation is not complete. To build your own Plugin, study existing plugins. Please look at the plugin objects page , too.

If your plugin works or you have any questions, please start a new thread in our Forum

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