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PyLucid needs some initial database data. We used a serialized fixture files, stored in JSON format.

The file [1] is a script to create the django fixtures file "pylucid.json" [2]. It's implement a django managment command.

used apps/models

In is a list of all apps/models that would be stored into the fixtures file.
You can get a list of all installed apps/models, for easy change this list:

--list_all_models List all installed models.
--list_apps2 List all apps for creating the fixture files.

create initial data file

Creating a new "pylucid.json" fixtures file is very easy. Just call the command:

/var/www/YourSite$ ./ create_initialdata

command options

The help page list all options:

/var/www/YourSite$ ./ create_initialdata --help


  1. pylucid_project/apps/pylucid_admin/management/commands/
  2. pylucid_project/apps/pylucid_admin/fixtures/pylucid.json