We have also some sections (JavaScript and e.g. <noscript> areas) where we can't write unittests for. Here some information about that.


  • Views how needs JavaScript must have a <noscript> area witch includes a note for the user.
  • Forms how should only submit with JavaScript (e.g. the SHA Login: Data processed with JS.) should only visible if JavaScripts enabled.

PyLucid JS-SHA-LogIn

  • Every login form should be checked with and without JavaScript
  • The Password input form must be hide if JavaScript is disabled.

_install section access

  • There are two views to check: The "generate install hash" view and the "login" view.
  • Both views should be tested with:
    • With/without JavaScript enabled
    • With/without worked media path (For the dev server: settings.SERVE_STATIC_FILES)
    • With/without a settings.INSTALL_PASSWORD_HASH