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Biggest Points:

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We decided to start up from null for v0.9! The biggest points for the future of v0.9 are:

biggest user goals:

  • ticket 131 - i18n for cms pages
  • version control of cms page content (and other data), using http://code.google.com/p/django-reversion/
  • better "internal section" using the django admin panel
  • better urls (No ugly _command urls, plugins can hooked into the page tree)
  • using site framework: You can easy run different sites with one installation
  • variable stylsheets (a global template can have more than one stylesheet)
  • You can easier include other django apps

internal goals:

  • split into different django apps
  • PyLucid plugins are normal django apps:
    • plugins can use template inherit
    • plugins can have a urls.py
    • and can use any other django feature
  • different page types: normal cms page or plugin
  • using new external libs, see: package|info for PyLucid v0.9

See also all open v0.9 tickets

old Roadmap:


  • ticket 82 - add a version management of the cms page content
  • ticket 132 - don't store internal pages into the database...


kick the PyLucid fundament and using django - the high-level Python Web framework !!!

Discuss: http://forum.pylucid.org/viewtopic.php?t=122 (de) If you would like to discuss in english, please oben a new forum thread ;)

  • a existing PyLucid installation can be easy update!
  • the Plugin API will be changed
  • the emphasis is thereby: Using PyLucid in a shared Webhosting environment.
    • include the django source (optional)
    • include scripts to run django/PyLucid with CGI and fastCGI
  • Note: PyLucid will only running with Python 2.4, probably.

see also all open v0.8 trac tickets & all open v0.8.1 trac tickets


  • remove the main CSS / Template separation to: design (include html-template, css, js)
    • seperate Design for all /_command/ section
  • put the current page shortcut in every /_command/ URL. (Better for using TABs in your Browser)
  • Revise the 'preferences' table and make a new Module to edit it.
  • insert a number field in the log table. So plugins can easy make his own counter.


  • IP ban (bruteforce logins)
  • Page cache system
  • User administration continue: user management and a real user right system
  • edit lock (if one person edit a page, no other can simultan edit the same page)
  • XHTML like optional argument in lucidTagTag and lucidFunction
  • page_msg colors (use not only red!)

high priority

  • internationalization (I18N) and localization (L10N)
  • GUI Editor (JS Webeditor)

future plans

  • Email Traceback: Generate a eMail of every Traceback and send it back to us.
  • Using SQLAlchemy ?


  • Other structure of preferences: the DB connection data should not be seen on a traceback.

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