install steps

setup page instance

# go into your virtualenv:
~$ cd PyLucid_env

# create a new page instance with our script:
~/PyLucid_env$ ./ /var/www/YourSite

After run our script you should find these files/directory:

/var/www/YourSite/static/ static media files (images, CSS, Javascript) that are needed to render a complete web page
/var/www/YourSite/media/ user-uploaded media files (e.g. images)
/var/www/YourSite/index.cgi CGI handler (should only used for debugging!)
/var/www/YourSite/index.fcgi fastCGI handler
/var/www/YourSite/index.wsgi mod_wsgi handler
/var/www/YourSite/ your own settings
/var/www/YourSite/ Access to django cli management
/var/www/YourSite/.htaccess prepared to use fastCGI/mod_wsgi/CGI via mod_rewrite

The path to the Environment would be inserted into "index.cgi" and "index.fcgi".
The .htaccess file would be used the fastCGI script (index.cgi should only used for debugging!)

(btw. the 'source' files are stored in /scripts/apache_files/)

adjust settings

You must edit the created files for you needs:

next step

After the done all these steps here, go to: