Django has a built in development server. So you can easy test PyLucid local under Linux and Windows. We added two scripts for this:

Follow the steps to setup a local running instance:


  • Download the last PyLucid Archive from sourceforge or use the svn trunk checkout

  • copy ./PyLucid/ to ./PyLucid/
  • Edit the, changes some things:
    • DATABASE_ENGINE = 'sqlite3'


Start the development server with the file standalone_w32.cmd or

Now you can access you page with http://localhost:8000 !

You can install the database follow the normal install steps in the chapter _install section

Tip for xfce4 users

A small tip for xfce4 user, if you wand to create a starter. Use this skeleton exec command:

xfce4-terminal --hold --working-directory=/path/to/pylucid/ -x ./

give feedback

If you have problem with the procedure here, please give us feedback in our forum !