low level test

If you get only "Internal Server Error" or "Premature end of script headers" you should make a low level test.

Checkout the two test scripts:

Note: You can only used these files if...

  • ...the two test scripts are executable. ("chmod +x" / "chmod 755")
  • ...maybe edit the shebang (The list line, the path to the python interpreter)
  • ...The Apache mod_rewrite rules exclude the directory:
    • Enable the Rule in ".htaccess": RewriteRule ^dev_scripts/server_tests - [L]
    • If this doesn't work, disable all rules in the .htaccess and try again.

current working directory

Note: The Python instance must change the directory into the PyLucid project directory!

unicode errors with mysql_old

If special character are wrong, and you use the mysql_old backend, check out the django ticket: Mysql returns non-unicode strings
We have a patched mysql_old backend file in our subversion system, you can use: /CodeSnippets/django_backends_mysql_old/base.py
Copy the file "base.py" into "django/db/backends/mysql_old".

General help