directory/file information

The standalone package contains all needed files in one directory. For example: /var/www/YourSite/

standalone - directory structure

All guides used these example directory structure:

/var/www/YourSite/ htdocs respectively DocumentRoot
/var/www/YourSite/django/ django files
/var/www/YourSite/pylucid_project/ PyLucid
/var/www/YourSite/media/ static files root directory
/var/www/YourSite/media/PyLucid/ PyLucid media files, from: pylucid_project/static/PyLucid/
/var/www/YourSite/media/django/ Django admin media files, from: django/contrib/admin/media

standalone - important files

These files must be rename/edited:

/var/www/YourSite/ must be created, see: example
/var/www/YourSite/ Only useable in shell
/var/www/YourSite/index.fcgi fastCGI dispatcher file, must not edited
/var/www/YourSite/index.wsgi mod_WSGI dispatcher file, must not edited
/var/www/YourSite/index.cgi CGI dispatcher file, must not edited
/var/www/YourSite/install_pylucid.cgi install CGI script important: delete it after install!
/var/www/YourSite/default.htaccess rename to .htaccess and adjust it