stable / development versions of PyLucid?

It is our effort to have always the git 'master' branch stable usable.

Big source code changes would be started in a separate branch and merged if they are stable.

Which is the last "stable" version of PyLucid?

Look at this website at the bottom. There is the version we used for this page:

This is the most recent stable version in production ;)

Version scheme of PyLucid ?

Since 2012 we used this version number scheme:

  • major.minor.maintenance.build
major Very big milestone.
minor backward incompatible changes -> admin actions needed
maintenance Bugfixes and/or visible changes but backward compatible (Can be updated without admin actions)
build Date of the last commit (Format: MMDD -> Month + Day)

How to get information about the developing?

We create new blog articles about changes and developing. We tag those articles with development and used this tags, too:

How is the PyLucid version number stored?

The version number is stored in pylucid_project/__init__.py. Display it, e.g.:

~$ cd ~/PyLucid_env
~/PyLucid_env$ cat src/pylucid/pylucid_project/__init__.py | grep "__version__ ="
__version__ = (1, 0, 3)

The script pylucid_project/__init__.py adds the last git commit date dynamic to the version number.

How to get your installed PyLucid Version number?

Read the page about package version information.

Should i update my installation?

Yes, if on pylucid.org runs a newer version than your used version ;)
PyLucid used a rolling release / rolling update strategy. You can and should update to the next version.

How to update?

Read How to update PyLucid.

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