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Currently we work on a migration to Django-CMS.
So, the most parts of this page is invalid ;)
More information:

↑ FAQ  #

↑ stable / development versions of PyLucid?  #

It is our effort to have always the git 'master' branch stable usable.

Big source code changes would be started in a separate branch and merged if they are stable.

↑ Which is the last "stable" version of PyLucid?  #

Look at this website at the bottom. There is the version we used for this page: PyLucid v1.6.1.0811
This is the most recent stable version in production ;)

↑ Version scheme of PyLucid ?  #

Since 2012 we used this version number scheme:

major Very big milestone.
minor backward incompatible changes -> admin actions needed
maintenance Bugfixes and/or visible changes but backward compatible (Can be updated without admin actions)
build Date of the last commit (Format: MMDD -> Month + Day)

↑ How to get information about the developing?  #

We create new blog articles about changes and developing. We tag those articles with development and used this tags, too:

↑ How is the PyLucid version number stored?  #

The version number is stored in pylucid_project/ Display it, e.g.:

~$ cd ~/PyLucid_env
~/PyLucid_env$ cat src/pylucid/pylucid_project/ | grep "__version__ ="
__version__ = (1, 0, 3)

The script pylucid_project/ adds the last git commit date dynamic to the version number.

↑ How to get your installed PyLucid Version number?  #

Read the page about package version information.

↑ Should i update my installation?  #

Yes, if on runs a newer version than your used version ;)
PyLucid used a rolling release / rolling update strategy. You can and should update to the next version.

↑ How to update?  #

Read How to update PyLucid.

↑ sub pages  #

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