migrate v0.8 data

You can migrate a old v0.8 installation.

Quick overview:

  • install v0.9
  • import old v0.8 SQL data (if needed)
  • run syncdb (new v0.9 tables would be created
  • run migration (data from old v0.8 tables would be migrate into v0.9 tables)

Before you start:

  • check the site domain information (Should be equal to the old site domain)
  • check the existing languages

For migration login and go into the "Django admin site"

and run every 'migration step' menu point.

migrate multiple v0.8 sites

v0.9 used the site framework. So you can migrate multiple v0.8 sites into one v0.9 installation. Here a quick overview:

  • Backup all existing SQL Data!
  • create a fresh database or delete all existing tables
  • insert SQL Dump of the first v0.8 site
  • run syncdb (creates all new, missing tables)
  • run migration e.g.: http://site_1.tld/admin/update/

to insert other sites, do this:

  • create a site entry in the django admin panel
  • create a SQL Dump only from the pylucid* tables, with DROP TABLE
  • insert the SQL Dump into the v0.8 database
  • run the update routine from this site e.g.: http://site_2.tld/admin/update/You can repeat this for all sites.

limitations of multisite migration

  • There exist no nice way, to migrate user data.
  • user meta data like createby, lastupdateby can be wrong, after migration