Befor you do anything: Backup your complete database data first!

update v0.7.2 to the new v0.8 django version.


  1. Download the last PyLucid Archive from sourceforge
  2. Upload all files via (s)FTP on your WebSpace.
  3. copy ./PyLucid/ to ./PyLucid/
  4. Edit the
    • Insert your database account
    • Insert a new "SECRET_KEY"

low-level MySQL update 

Befor we can start, a MySQL update must be apply (Fix wrong datetime fields):

  1. remark execute rights for everybody ('chmod 755') for the CGI script:
  2. "start" the file via Browser. (Starting it on the commandline should be also work fine.)

If you not apply this patch you will get the MySQL error "year is out of range" when you run "update DB tables from v0.7.2 to django PyLucid v0.8"!

install v0.8

init a fresh PyLucid installation. Follow the normal install steps:

  1. install Db tables
  2. init DB data
  3. install internal plugins


convert the old content to the new installation:

  1. update DB tables from v0.7.2 to django PyLucid v0.8
  2. update to the new django template engine
  3. Use "low level admin/User administration" to set a new password for the user.


After this steps, your old Stylesheet/Template/content/User-Accounts should work fine ;)

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