PyLucid is multilingual since v0.9. Here are a few key points about this:

  • GUI language and language of the CMS content are coupled with each other.
  • GUI main language is English and is translated into German
  • There is a language-independent PageTree. It holds the pages hierarchy, the page order and the URL slug.
  • There is a "system default" language. Content must be created, at least in this language.
  • The Main Menu / Sitemap shows the links in the preferred language of the client. If the page is not available in this language, it used the "system default" language.
  • PageMeta and the content is multilingual. PageMeta holds:
    • Name and title of the page
    • TagTags (for TagTagNavi plugin)
    • Html Keywords and Description
  • Plug-ins (such as blog, lexicon) should also manage the content internationally. (But plugin developers could ignore it)
  • Plugin pages are always available in all languages (PageMeta is created in all languages)


  • Create a page in the default language
  • With the "Translate view" you see the page in default language and the destination language:
    • edit page -> translate content
  • If a page exist in multiple languages, you can edit each language separately or used with the "Translate view" for a comparison.
  • General: You always edit the current language. You must first change the language (with 'select language' plugin) and can then edit the page in that language.

Further questions are welcome!