internal page links via permalink

PyLucid generate permalinks for every page. You should use the permalink for internal links. Because a permalink remains unchanged in most cases. (Only if the page would be deleted, the permalink don't work.)

What is a permalink:

A permalink url is a generated permanent links to a cms page. It looks like this:

  • 'permalink' - the prefix definied in settings.PERMALINK_URL_PREFIX
  • '1' - the PageTree ID
  • 'index' - Appended 'verbose' page name

PyLucid makes a redirect to the related page on the basis of page ID in the url. The appended page information makes only the permalink url a little more human-readable. You can setup in the preferences witch information are appended to every link.

create permalinks

First you should add a permalink into the global template. So you can copy&paste the links easy.

You can insert something like this into the global template:

<p id="permalink"><a href="{{ page_permalink }}" title="permalink to this page">permalink</a></p>

use a permalink for a internal page link

Insert a link like this:

<a href="/permalink/1/index/">the index page</a>

with creole markup looks like this:

unknown type
[[/permalink/1/index/|the index page]]