The RSS plugin used the Universal Feed Parser by Mark Pilgrim. (new in developer version)

With this lucidTag you can easy integrade a RSS news feed into your CMS page:

{% lucidTag rss url="http url" %}

advanced usage

The look of the generated html code dependent on the plugin templates: templates/rss/default.html

You can setup the plugin for every feed individual by creating one or more plugin templates, see: How to change a plugin template.

For activate a alternative plugin templates you must specify the filename (without the file extension). You can do this in the tag, e.g.:

{% lucidTag rss url="http url" template_name="rss/MyOwnTemplate.html" %}

limit entries

You can limit the RSS Feed list with the optional argument "max_entries", e.g:

{% lucidTag rss url="http url" max_entries=5 %}


If the plugin template doesn't build a working html page for your feed or if links seems to be wrong, you can easy debug:

{% lucidTag rss url="http url" debug=True %}

You will see the raw feed data structure.


The current RSS plugin version doesn't use caching. On the other side, the normal page cache does the job for it. You must setup the cache backend.