obsolete: This plugin was reimplemented in v0.9! Please look here: breadcrumb

old backlinks plugin:

(Note: With changeset 1586 the plugin used the new preferences instead of tag arguments.)

The internal backlinks plugin generates a horizontal backlink bar.

There are some usefull arguments you can use for change the output of back links. Use the following Parameters:

  • print_last_page = "False" (default)
    • if print_last_page has the value True, then the actual page will be the last page in the bar. Otherwise the parentpage.
  • print_index = "False" (default)
    • display a link to the index ("/") if = "True"
  • index = "Index" (default)
    • the name that is printed for the indexpage


Here some examples:


You can easy customise the look of your backlink bar with Stylesheets. Look into the internal pages "backlinks" and copy&paste the CSS code from the internal pages into your global stylesheet and change it.