(New in PyLucid v1.0.4)

You find the filemanager under:

  • PyLucid admin menu / tools / filemanager

The main function of the filemanager is only to see, which static/media files exist and how are the links to them for a page content or blog entry...

Current features:

  • Can handle multiple base directories:
    • changeable via settings.FILEMANAGER_BASE_PATHS
    • Default: STATIC_ROOT, MEDIA_ROOT and in DEBUG mode sys.prefix (root directory of virtualenv)
  • Simple html file upload into the current directory
  • Display many informations:
    • Base info: file size, modification time
    • access mode in symbol notation and as octal number
    • User/group information
    • On dir/file links the destination
    • URL to this item (If available)

Here a screenshot of it: