For the User management use this Django admin site views:

  • Django admin site -> Auth -> Users
  • Django admin site -> Auth -> Groups

You can create users and user groups there.


You can create different kinds of Users:

  • The superuser can access and do everything

Users without superuser status must have explicit user permissions to view/change/delete things.
A user must mark as staff user to go into the Django admin site. Nevertheless he must explicit explicit user permissions to view/change/delete models.

page permissions

You can limit the edit and view permission for every page by set a user group for:

  • PageTree.permitViewGroup
  • PageTree.permitEditGroup
  • PageMeta.permitViewGroup

Use edit page -> edit all view for this. Expand the PageTree - Permissions block at the bottom of the page or change PageMeta view permission in the middle.

With limiting PageTree permission, you limit the page in all languages. Limit only PageMeta will limit the page only in this language.

create a secret page section

Here a simple example, how to create a "protected area" on your page: Sub pages which can only see some users.

Create the viewer users, give him no permissions, add them to a group without any permissions:

  • Create a new user group
    • Django admin site -> Auth -> Groups -> Add
    • Leave Permissions untouched.
    • (If you are not a superuser, you should add yourself to this user group, too)
  • Create normal users:
    • Django admin site -> Auth -> Users -> Add
    • under Permissions should only the Active flag be checked.
    • put this users into the created group

Now you have users which can only login and do nothing else ;)

  • Create a new page, e.g.: internals
    • Set PageTree.permitViewGroup to the created user group
  • create sub pages with the same PageTree.permitViewGroup

Now you have create a page, which can only see and view theses users from the group and all superusers.

The page would only be listed in menu, sub-menu, sitemap etc. if the user logged in. It can also only found in the search by those users.